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Shri Singha was born into a good family in Sokhyam, Chinese Central Asia. In his youth, he studied with the Acharya Haribhala and after three years he was an accomplished scholar. Then Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara appeared to him, and advised him:

If he really wanted to attain Buddhahood,
he should go to the Sosaling cremation ground in India.

But Sri Singha procrastinated, thinking that first he should study the Chinese system.

So, he went to Manjushri's Dharma Central (Ground of Practice) Mountain Wutai (Wutaishan) abode in Szeshuan, China. There he became a Bhiksu for thirty years and studied the tantras. Then Avalokiteshvara again appeared to him, and gave him the same advice.

In this lifetime, he perfectly demonstrated the life of a fearless scholar and meditation master. Shri Singha became extremely advanced as a meditation master during his years at Mount. Wutai. By virtue of his accomplishment as an Awarene-Holder, Shri Singha then speed-walked to the Sosaling cremation ground.

There he met Manjushrimitra Jampal Shenyen, who accepted him as his disciple and gave him his entire Dzogchen instruction over twenty-five years. When Manjushrimitra achieved a body of light, Shri Singha received the master's final testament and meditating with those instructions, he realized the essential meaning of Dzogchen.

Shri Singha was able to withdraw the texts Manjushrimitra had hidden in the rock near Bodhigaya and divided the Secret Precept series of instruction into outer, inner, secret and uttermost secret cycles, graduated according to the heightening lack of conceptual elaboration. These four were to be accessed through the four Dzogchen empowerments - elaborate, simple, very simple and most simple.

Upon his return to China, he hid the first three cycles, which all had some degree of conceptual content, in the pinnacle chamber of the Bodhi Tree temple, and according to indications from the Dakinis the final cycle in a pillar in the Auspicious Temple.

He then retired to the Silying cremation ground where he stayed in meditation and taught the demonic beings who honoured him.

Shri Singha's primary meditation activity was to live in cremation grounds transforming himself into the various forms through which he could teach, fearlessly playing with the Dakinis and evil spirits. His disciples were Vimalamitra and Jnanasutra. Finally, on his way from the Bodhi Tree Temple to visit the King of Khotan, he achieved rainbow body and gave his last testament to Jnanasutra.

The lineage of Shri Singha was passed onto Vimalamitra and Vairochana; these two masters, along with Padmasambhava, brought the Dzogchen lineage to Tibet

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