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Kathok Nyingma Tradition of
Tibetan Buddhism

It is well known that Tibetan Buddhism is divided into the four Great Traditions of the:

1 Nyingma 2 Kagyu 3 Gelug 4 Sakya

Under each Tradition, there existed different sub-traditions. In the Nyingma Tradition, there are six sub-traditions:

1 Kathok 2 Palyul 3 Dzogchen 4 Shechen 5 Mindroling 6 Dorje Drak

The sub-tradition of Nyingma Kathok is the source of all the other sub-traditions and historically, it is the oldest of all traditions of Buddhism in Tibet.

Great Kathok Dorje Den

The main monastery of Kathok is located in the Si Chuan Province, White Jade County - Ho Po region (Derge), a pure land where all the people embrace the Teachings of Lord Buddha. The monastery is situated at the middle of the Bai Long Gou (White Dragon Channel) on Do-Nian Mountain.

It was found by the great Nyingma Master Tampa Deshek in Year 1159.

The full name of the monastery is Kathok Dorje Den (Ga Tuo.Duo Ji Dan) named so because the monastery is built on top of a naturally-arisen "Ga" letter on a huge and smooth white-coloured stone.

"Dorje Den" in Tibetan means "Vajra Seat", the holiest place for Buddhist all over the world, the very place where Lord Buddha manifested the Great Enlightenment.

Great Guru Padmasambhava declared that the blessings of Kathok would reign supreme and is equivalent to that of the Vajra Seat in Bodhigaya on which Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment. Guru Rinpoche personally consecrated Kathok Monastery 13 times and prophesied Kathok to be The Supreme Holy Place of the Snowy Lands, The Ultimate Source for the Dissemination of the Vajrayana Teachings of the Great Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal.

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100,000 Rainbows of Kathok

Relying upon the unique Kathok's esoteric practices of the Dzogchen Zuktor Sangwai Mengag, Dzogchen Semde Deun Poa and 13 other great volumes of precious Teachings, there have, from the founding of Kathok to the present time of Ya La Bai Ma Deng Du, had 100,000 practitioners who attained the highest enlightened stage of Rainbow-body. The holy place containing the foot-prints of 100,000 dakinis are still clearly visible on Mountain Duo Nian today. The unsurpassable blessings of the holy Kathok Nyingma Tradition are unique.


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